Byju’s new gamified app wants to make studying Maths real fun for students

Byju’s new gamified app wants
to make studying Maths real fun for students

You’re probably one of those people who was scared of math as a kid, and many children still find doing mathematics a chore which becomes more boring and uneventful especially as you grow older.

Students often overlook the fact that math concepts are interwoven in their daily lives and not as abstract as it may seem. This is exactly what Byju’s wants to highlight with its new gamified app for lower grades, the BYJU’S Math App.

The application has been designed to offer younger children a platform to explore the world of maths through games, interactive videos, and quizzes.

Ideated, designed and developed in-house, the class 4 and 5 app merges appealing features of game design and technology with innovative and rich interactive videos that create a whole new and fun way for students to strengthen their foundation in math. This app is available both on iOS and Android.


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The BYJU’S Math App combines games, simulations and fun byte sized videos from India’s best teachers who teach abstract math concepts visually and contextually. This unique combination makes the whole process of learning math easier as well as helps students understand how it is applied and used in real life.

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Overall, the app offers videos that explain concepts in a very simple manner by using analogies, animations, graphics and on-air projections. The app has learning games that help students understand concepts and the testing games that help them reinforce the concepts learned.

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In fact, each game has multiple stages with different difficulty level. Every win is rewarded through points to boost the player’s confidence and nurture their interest to learn math.