IT professionals with 5-10 year experience are the best paid people in India

IT professionals with 5-10 year experience are the best paid people in India
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  • The IT sector is the highest paying sector - especially for professionals with 5-10 years of experience, according to a report.
  • Backend technology, out of all IT roles, is the highest paid role or leads the list of highest paying jobs with 42.8%.
  • Bangalore remained as the jobs hub of India by creating the highest number of employment.
Even as unemployment looms large in India, the IT sector is untouched by these troubles. In fact, over half – 52.4% of - the most well-paid people in the country belong to the IT sector, as per a report.

While sales and business development jobs came second with a 20% share in high paying jobs, they are still outdone by the IT sector. “The average salary in the IT industry for the experience range of 5-10 years is 62.3% higher than sales and business development,” said the report Hiring Landscape & Job Market In India by job website Hirect India.

IT professionals who work on backend technologies are the elite of the elite, as they are the best paid within the IT sphere - with a 42.8% share. They are followed by web technology, mobile technology, and IT systems and operations.

Where are the jobs?

Even as the IT sector shined the most, sales and business development functions created more jobs than the former. The sales function hired the most with a 27% share in the jobs created, IT followed with 20.6%. Marketing is the third largest job creator for the year 2021-22.

The sector which contributed the least to job creation was procurement and the trade sector at a mere 0.3% share in the jobs created in the last financial year.


“The economy has seen a severe downturn in the past two years and it started to show a positive development trajectory, India’s hiring industry has seen quarter-on-quarter growth, with startups hiring in significant numbers and creating huge employment opportunities,” said Raj Das, Global co-founder & CEO of Hirect India.

Hiring in white collar jobs started to recoup after being disrupted by the pandemic's second wave in April 2021. “After a sharp decline in April and a flattening out in May, India's hiring trends hit a high in June, progressing across various industries,” the report said.

Bangalore, which is the IT hub of India, also remained as the jobs hub with a 17.6% share in the jobs created. This was followed by the national capital at 11.5% share. The financial capital of Mumbai came a close third with 10.4% share.

Noida and other cities accounted for a total of 60% of employment, the report said.

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