Check Out The Bizarre $435-A-Head Tasting Menu At The World's Best Restaurant


Copenhagen restaurant Noma has been called the "world's best restaurant" by Restaurants magazine for several years running.


The kitchen, run by executive chef René Redzepi, serves a reinvented version of Nordic cuisine with a focus on ingredients foraged from the nearby forests and shores.

The two-Michelin-starred restaurant received a bit of bad press this week when it was reported that dozens of diners got sick after eating there, apparently due to poor kitchen hygiene.

One thing is for sure: a meal at Noma is completely out of the ordinary. Guests are treated to a parade of small plates, most of which bear little resemblance to recognizable food. The tasting menu costs $260 a head, and the wine pairing is an additional $175.

Some good news for folks who have dined at Noma and loved it: The concept is expanding to La Paz, where owner Claus Meyer is opening a high-end restaurant similarly dedicated to elevating Bolivian cuisine.


Jose Moran Moya, a foodie who takes gorgeous photos of his meals for his blog Spanish Hipster, was lucky enough to eat at Noma last year. He shared pictures of his Noma feast with us.