Chipotle Appears To Have Raised Menu Prices In Las Vegas


Chipotle appears to have raised its menu prices by up to 17% in the Las Vegas region last week, around the same time the company announced a plan to gradually increase prices nationwide.


Las Vegas area locations began charging roughly 7% more for burritos, 14% more for guacamole and large drinks, and 17% more for chips, according to Rewardable, an app that collects restaurant pricing data.

The increases bring the total cost of a steak burrito, chips, guacamole and a large drink to $12.35, up from $11.20.

The changes are roughly in line with what Chipotle executives announced a week ago.

"We plan to increase prices on average somewhere in the mid-single-digits," Chipotle Chief Financial Officer Jack Hartung said on an April 17 call with analysts. "We expect we will start installing the menu boards with higher prices later this quarter and finish installation by early in the third quarter."


Chipotle declined to comment on the reported Las Vegas price increases.