How colorful wall art is printed with a letterpress

  • Nice & Graphic prints colorful wall art with positive messages.
  • The art is printed with a Vandercook press.
  • The same process was used to print newspapers in the 15th century.

The following is a transcript of the video.

Michelle Dwyer of Nice & Graphic creates colorful prints with a 1900s printing press. Her prints include bright colors and positive quotes. First, she picks a font from the type cases. Each letter is made of wood. She arranges the letters and fills in the negative spaces with blank blocks called "furniture." Then she locks all the letters in place with a quoin key. She adds a few ink colors onto the rollers to create a gradient effect. The machine starts mixing the colors evenly. Finally, she moves the rollers across the woodblock letters and feeds the machine paper to create a print. This process was used to print books and newspapers in the 15th century. To clean up, Michelle runs the machine and wipes it with a rag. She uses the press at the London Centre for Book Arts. Her hope is to spread positive messages around the world.