'Doctor Strange' dominates the weekend box office with a huge $85 million opening


Doctor Strange Cumberbatch Disney final


"Doctor Strange."

There hasn't been a huge box office opening since "Suicide Squad" had a record-breaking $133.6 million opening back in August. So Hollywood was excited to see a Marvel movie being released in November and it didn't disappoint.

"Doctor Strange" took in an estimated $85 million this weekend, according to Exhibitor Relations, making it far and away the biggest opening weekend so far this fall and in the top ten openings of 2016 (and the 14th consecutive #1 debut for a film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Fueled by the Marvel pedigree and dazzling special effects (along with a 90% ranking on Rotten Tomatoes), the movie exceeded industry expectations (thanks to its big $32.6 million Friday) and showed that Marvel characters that aren't as globally recognized as Captain America, the Hulk, and Iron Man, can still bring in some heavy coin.


The $85 million opening (released on over 3,800 screens) performed better than the opening weekends of MCU titles like "Thor" ($65.7 million) and "Captain America: The First Avenger" ($65 million).

The movie has already made $133 million overseas.

Coming in second place is DreamWorks Animation's latest family film "Trolls," with a healthy $45.6 million.


Hacksaw Ridge Mike Rogers Lionsgate final

Mike Rogers/Lionsgate

"Hacksaw Ridge."

While in third place with $14.7 million is "Hacksaw Ridge," Mel Gibson's first directing effort in ten years.

The strong performance by the Lionsgate title proves that the Gibson comeback is in full effect and could perhaps lead to award season recognition for the veteran actor/director as well as the film's star, Andrew Garfield.

But the story of the weekend is the continued dominance by Disney at the box office in 2016, which owns Marvel Studios.


On the cusp of breaking it's all-time box office record of $5.84 billion in worldwide ticket sales, the "Doctor Strange" performance brings the company closer to setting an all-time industry record by year's end.

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