Donald Trump doesn't believe in climate change - here are 16 irrefutable signs it's real


Muir Glacier

National Snow and Ice Data Center and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Archive/USGS

President-elect Donald Trump does not believe that climate change is real, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that our planet is warming. As president, he wants to dismantle the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ramp up fossil-fuel production as a vehicle for job growth, and restart the Keystone XL oil pipeline process.

Trump's stance on the environment contradicts thousands of scientists and decades of research, which has linked many observable changes in climate, including rising air and ocean temperatures, shrinking glaciers, and widespread melting of snow and ice, to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

The observed changes in climate have grave implications for the future of natural and human systems. Here are 16 signs of climate change that can't be disputed.