This World Biodiversity day, don’t miss out on these epic documentaries on Netflix, Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Nature
  • May 22 is celebrated as the International Biological Diversity Day.
  • Since the weekend is here, Business Insider has curated a list of most popular documentaries on nature and biodiversity.
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Weekend is here and the lockdown has everyone craving for new content to pass time. This World Biodiversity Day, Business Insider has curated a list of the most popular documentaries on nature and biodiversity.

Here’s are some of the best documentaries that you can watch on Netflix, Prime Videos, and Disney+ Hotstar

Our Planet on Netflix
IMDb: 9.3/10
The eight-part series uses spectral photography and visual of animal inhabitants from around the world and explores the diversity of habits from a world beyond us – in the deep Arctic ocean in the Arctic, the jungles of South America and deserts of Africa.

Deep Blue on Disney+ Hotstar
Disney Plus

IMDb: 7.3/10

Deep Blue is a documentary show that dives into the lives of different animals who live near or under the ocean. From Gray whales, to penguins and polar bears, the documentary captures the lives of animals that live in places only few humans have visited.

Planet Earth on Netflix

IMDb: 9.4/10
The award winning documentary series is the first to show wildlife in HD. Planet Earth discovers the life of wild animals inside the forest and captures rare moments of how animals survive.

Penguins on Disney+ Hotstar
Disney+ Nature

IMDb: 7/10
A penguin, named Steve, wants to build a suitable nest along with millions of other penguins in order to find a partner and start a family. However, he’s the target of leopard seals and killer whales in Antarctica. Watch the movie to find out the story of Steve the penguin.

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