Bank holidays in August 2022

Bank holidays in August 2022
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Banks are the most important component of the country’s economy. Banks coordinate the financial activity of a nation linking the government and the people, and the various segments of the society. Banks fulfill a long list of financial activities and requirements for individuals, organizations, commercial establishments and the government. Therefore, our economic, social and personal lives are highly centered on banks, their products and services.

Like any other institution in the country, banks remain closed on select days of the year. On these days, visiting banks is not possible. Though most banking functions happen online, bank visits and all those banking functions personally coordinated by the bank employees do not happen on bank holidays. Therefore, keeping track of bank holidays in every month is important to ensure you do not have to face disappointments.

Nobody wants to get struck due to a bank holiday when there is some important transaction or banking activity coming up. Therefore, mark the August 2022 bank holidays on your calendar well in advance so that your financial planning goes on smoothly without any disruptions.

Bank holidays are of two kinds namely national and regional. While national holidays are applicable to the banks throughout the nation, the regional holidays specifically apply to the banks in the concerned state. As per the instructions by the Reserve bank of India, banks in the country do not work on second and fourth Saturdays in all months. In addition, banks are closed for the weekend on Sundays.

Bank holidays in June 2022


DateDayHolidayApplicable in
7 August 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
8 August 2022MondayTendong Lho Rum FaatSikkim
9 August 2022TuesdayMuharramSeveral states in India
12 August 2022FridayRaksha BandhanSeveral states in India
12 August 2022FridayJhulan PurnimaOrissa
13 August 2022SaturdayPatriot’s DayManipur
13 August 2022SaturdaySecond SaturdayAll Over India
14 August 2022SundayWeekend HolidayAll Over India
15 August 2022MondayIndependence DayNational Holiday
16 August 2022TuesdayDe Jure Transfer DayPondicherry
16 August 2022TuesdayParsi New YearSeveral states in India
19 August 2022FridayJanmashtamiSeveral states in India
21 August 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
27 August 2022SaturdayFourth SaturdayAll over India
28 August 2022SundayParkash Utsav Sri Guru Granth Sahib JiPunjab
28 August 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
29 August 2022MondayHartalika TeejChhattisgarh, Sikkim
31 August 2022WednesdayGanesh ChaturthiSeveral states in India

Remember that the advancing internet-enabled technology has promoted remote banking form the comfort of our hand held devices. Effective use of our mobile number linked to our bank account can help carry out several banking activities without having to visit the banks personally. While it is possible to withdraw hot cash from ATMs anytime during a day, the increasing use of digital payment gateways has minimized the use of cash. So, note the August 2022 bank holidays and plan your personal and business banking functions accordingly.

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