Access to alternative investments have never been easier, but some VCs don't think that's a good thing

Access to alternative investments have never been easier, but some VCs don't think that's a good thing
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Today we've got stories on why Gen Z might be in trouble with its finances, how SBF spent his fortune, and some cool photos of the moon.

But first, what's your risk tolerance?

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1. Democratizing alts

Would you like to invest in a hedge fund? How about with a private-equity firm? Perhaps a high-end piece of art is more your speed? Or maybe a vintage bottle of wine?

For most everyday investors, these aren't realistic opportunities. Those investments — commonly referred to as alternatives — are only for the wealthy and institutional investors.

However, in the same way fintechs have disrupted so many aspects of finance, startups are changing the game when it comes to who gets in on alts.

Fintechs are helping to democratize access into these assets either via fractional shares or pooling money together, lowering the typically high bar investors need to clear to jump in.


But is that a good thing?

According to some venture investors, not necessarily. Insider's Asia Martin spoke to some VCs who were skeptical about startups broadening access into these risky, illiquid assets.

As Asia outlines in her story, it's not so much about wanting to bar access to these assets. Instead, it's about making sure retail investors aren't pushed into something complex that they know nothing about.

It's a common dilemma in fintech, as Asia pointed out to me, as access often takes precedence over education. Simply put: Letting someone do something in finance is oftentimes more important than letting someone know what they are doing in finance.

I'm sure some of you reading this will find this all patronizing. "Surprise, surprise. Rich people don't want the middle class getting in on their investments."


And I get it! There is something to be said for treating adults like adults and letting them make their own decisions and mistakes.

But what happens when things go south? Maybe your money in that PE fund is locked up longer than you expected? Or perhaps that piece of art doesn't appreciate in value the way you thought? Will you take your lumps and walk away? Or will you plead ignorance and complain that you didn't know what you were getting into?

Click here to read more about opening up access to alternatives and why some VCs are questioning it.

In other news:

Access to alternative investments have never been easier, but some VCs don't think that's a good thing
A portion of the far side of the Moon looms large the day Orion makes its close approach, November 21, 2022.NASA

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