Crazy fitness gadgets that actually exist

If you are the one trying to lose weight since Adams, nobody knows it better than you that the whole fitness fiasco is an industry with a shady history of sky-high desires and unanswered promises. 60 years ago, people willing to lose weight had strange things to help them achieve their weight loss targets. There would be a vibrating belt to wrap around their abdomen and turn on the switch. The belt would simply roll around and may or maynot melt away the fat.

Fast forward to 2016! This globalized world has become convenient like never before. The age is of technology. There are apps for everything and gadgets that measure your breathing. While you don’t have the same kind of belt anymore, there are some really wacky gadgets out there and trust me, these help you in reducing weight and building muscles.

Here’s a list of the wackiest and unreal fitness gadgets that actually exist.

Electrocuted six packs

The whole idea is to getting healthy and fit by just sitting idle at your seat. Slendertone Connect Abs belt is the way to move forward. The “highly-ergonomic” Slendertone Connect Abs belt is designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Super slim and extremely discreet, you can wear it under your clothes; activate it at home, on-the-go, at work and even when practising sport.

Slendertone Connect uses ‘Advanced EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology’ which activates the body’s natural muscle movement and ensures all muscles contract. So basically you are being electrocuted to build abs. You can buy this product on Amazon for around Rs 15000.

Fat breathalyzer

Image: Aliexpress

So you hit the gym the first thing in the morning. Eat measured calories and don’t care much about junk foods. Yet, after months of rigorous training, you can’t see much of change. You are worried if all the hardships you are enduring are actually paying off? You don’t think so. Why worry so much when you have got a device to check how much fat you are burning.

According to WebMD, the gadget is simple. To operate the device, the user blows into it and the acetone concentration levels are calculated and sent via Bluetooth or cable to an Android-based smartphone. It takes about 10 seconds.

Dumbbell with a handle

Image: Aliexpress

These days, the dumbbells aren’t really the same-rods with weights. There are Kettle bells, part dumbbell and Persian club dumbbells. Fitness fanatics are going crazy about all these. However if you notice these new dumbbells, it’s like a wheel with handles on both side. It hardly qualifies for a dumbbell. When contacted a renewed gym in Delhi, which opted for anonymity, instructor Rajesh said, these dumbbells with centralized weights has very little or no benefit. Adding a second handle to the dumbbell and working out means you are actually lifting less weight.

Just because online shopping sites have these options and you have money in your mobile wallet doesn’t mean you keep spending them on silly things. It’s better to use gadgets that don’t ease your things up rather make your workout more comprehensive.
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