Floyd Mayweather went shopping at Gucci despite the boycott over its blackface scandal, saying: 'I'm not a follower'

Floyd Mayweather Gucci


Floyd Mayweather outside a Gucci store.

  • Floyd Mayweather went on a Gucci shopping spree despite the backlash over its jumper which people said resembled blackface.
  • The Italian designer was forced to publish a grovelling apology and pulled the jumper from its shelves.
  • "Malcolm X" director Spike Lee even said he'd boycott Gucci products.
  • When Mayweather was told Lee would probably be upset that Mayweather is still shopping there, the retired American boxer said he's "not a follower."
  • He also said he does "what the f--- I wanna do" and that involves getting "on a yacht" and living life.

Floyd Mayweather continues to shop at Gucci despite the backlash over its $900 balaclava knit top that people thought looked like blackface.

Italian designer Gucci issued a grovelling apology earlier this month after selling the black jumper which stretched over the mouth and featured red lips, a traditional feature of blackface.
"Gucci deeply apologizes for the offence caused by the wool balaclava jumper," the brand said in a statement, before removing the sweater from its shelves for good.

But for prominent celebrities like the movie director Spike Lee, responsible for films like "Do The Right Thing," "Malcolm X," and "Chi-Raq," the damage had already been done. Lee even said he would boycott Gucci products.

Mayweather, though, said he's "not no follower," that he does "what the f--- I wanna do," and that he's going to "get on a yacht and live life."

TMZ interviewed Mayweather on Tuesday and followed him to a Gucci store. The interviewer then asked him if he's still shopping there despite the blackface backlash, commenting that celebrities like Lee would be upset with him.

Read more: Floyd Mayweather's $25 million Los Angeles mansion has a candy shop, a 12-seat cinema, and a wine rack with 225 bottles - take a look inside"You said they're gonna be upset with me? I love it, I love it, I love it. See, the thing is this, I live for myself. I do what I want to do," he said.

After shopping, when multiple members of his entourage could be seen holding bags filled with Gucci items, Mayweather said: "I'm not a follower… You know when everybody else they say, 'Everybody gonna boycott?' I say guess what, this boy gonna get on a yacht and live life."

He added: "We all know racism still exists but that's not gonna stop my drive. I've got friends from all walks of life and to me of course, black lives matter first … but my thing is this, I'm gonna continue to go out there live life and be happy.

"Half of the people that's on social media saying, 'Don't wear this, don't wear that,' I ain't never seen none of them supporting The Money Team."