Former Navy SEAL sniper reveals how staying focused is the key to success


Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL and author of "Total Focus" explains why excellence matters. Following is a transcript of the video.

BRANDON WEBB: Hi, I'm Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL, CEO of the Hurricane Group, and author of "Total Focus: How to Make Better Decisions Under Pressure."

I see the biggest problem people in careers, or whether starting a business as a young entrepreneur, they get distracted and they're taking on all these different opportunities and nothing ends up working out. So focus on one opportunity at a time, see it to completion. Have that focus, stay focused on your opportunities and see it to success or failure, and then pick something else.


Excellence matters and what I mean by that is you have to raise the bar in your personal life, in your professional life. Who you hang out with matters. You hang out with jerks, you're going to become a jerk. You hang out with great people, you're going to become a greater person. And so excellence matters and developing a habit of giving your 110 percent, not in the first couple days of a thirty-day project.

Just taking 110, 150 percent past the thirty-day mark and if you make a habit of that, you're going to be successful in anything you do. I see so many people start out strong and they finish weak. If you operate like that on my team and start off strong and finish poorly, it's a huge ding against you and so that's what I mean by developing a habit of excellence and giving 110 percent all the way through the process, in whatever you do in life. And if you adopt that as a habit, and make excellence a habit, you're going to have success in life no matter what you choose to do.