Google’s Tilt Brush is redefining Art and Science

Google’s Tilt
Brush is redefining Art and Science
Art just touched new heights, thanks to virtual reality (VR). Google’s new Tilt Brush app allows painters to paint life-size virtual reality artworks. Some believe this will push the boundaries of what Art stands for.

Using any VR lens and a console, any artist can paint on space. They can then see their art piece from any angle. It gives artists infinite options to play around, and a limitless multi-dimensional canvas.

The console, or digital brush will let users paint. It’s connected to the HTC Vive headset. The best thing about this kind of art is that its quite literally like creating something out of nothing, and there are no limits. Your artworks can be as huge as an entire room.

The best part of this tech is that it can help you paint life-size artworks, and even have an art gallery where a connoisseur or even the artist can actually walk within the virtual creation itself. This is expected to change the idea of installations in museum and gallery space forever.

Also, immersive artwork is expected to herald in a new era for art and culture. With VR and AR becoming mainstream, Science is allowing arts to fly as high as the artist can imagine, and that knows no boundaries.

The tilt brush app is currently available with the HTC Vive bundle. Google says it’ll betting big on artists to discover newer ways to put this crazy creative technology to work. You bet.

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