Here's the best piece of job interviewing advice I ever received


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I will always feel like a shy, little girl at heart. But this advice boosted my confidence.

Talking to adults can be scary - even once you become a grown-up yourself. And this is especially true if the talking is taking place during a job interview.


I remember being a 19-year-old sophomore at Samford University. I was asked to interview for a volunteer position at our local Crisis Center. It was my first face-to-face job interview ... and I was terrified.

I got myself all nervous and worked up by thinking about the conversation as a high-pressure, high-stress, you-better-answer-everything-right sort of thing. I was worried about how I'd look or sound - or if I'd say the wrong things.

I confided in one of my professors. I expressed to him all my fears, and why I was so anxious about the meeting.

What he told me would forever change the way I thought about job interviews.


He said: "You should never be nervous about an interview because it's not a test. It's a two-way conversation. You're trying to figure out if you want to work there, and they're trying to figure out if you would fit in there. And if you wouldn't, then why would you want to work there anyway?"

I realized he was right. I'd be vetting them just as much as they were vetting me. We'd both be making a decision about whether I was a good fit. I had almost as much power as the interviewer - and knowing that boosted my confidence immensely.

A few days later, I had my interview with the Crisis Center. I kept my professor's advice in mind, and I got the position. In fact, I've reminded myself of his advice before every interview I've ever done, and it has helped me land a few internships, including my current gig here at Business Insider.

The next time you're nervous going into an interview, remember it's a two way street - and you should immediately feel your heart rate slow down. If it doesn't, try these tricks.

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