How to effectively fire your employee (And not like Trump)

Letting go of a problem employee is definitely easier said than done.

Before you can fire somebody, you have to ensure you have everything and are going about it in the right way. Firing somebody too quickly or without making the best possible strides can lead to an uncomfortable situation, or even legitimate issues that could do significant damage to your business.

In the words of great Donald Trump- “I’m sorry but you’re fired” (Don’t call for trouble by doing that).

Here are 6 tips to fire your employee:

Set the suitable tone for the meeting

Ensure that you have no less than 15 minutes before the meeting to relax and get clear about your objective


A "decent" reason needs to do with continued poor performance. A "terrible" reason is race, sex, age or some different types of discrimination, which will abandon you open to a discrimination lawsuit.

Tell the real reason to the employee. Maintaining a strategic distance from the truth, even to secure the employee's feelings, can return to hurt you. You will bargain your believability if the employee sues you and the court obliges you to reveal the real reason for the firing.

Being useful and liberal of soul may lessen resentment and anger when you let the employee go, and conceivably deflect retaliation later.

It disturbs the entire team when somebody is fired - and makes everybody somewhat worried he or she will be next. After you let somebody go, try to meet with every other person who worked with that person (one-on-one).