Don’t worry if markets run out of sanitizer– here’s a DIY recipe to make it at home

  • As Coronavirus spreads across the globe, there is an unforeseen demand for sanitizers in the market.
  • Hand hygiene is an important step in preventing coronavirus.
  • Here is how you can make sanitizer at home.
The alarming spread of the Coronavirus triggered widespread concerns on hygiene and has encouraged people to adopt safe practices to prevent its spreading.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed hand hygiene as one of the most important safety measures. As fear psychosis takes over, people are stocking up sanitizers and most stores have run out of it.

But there is no need to panic as here is how you can make it at home.


What to know before making sanitizer at home

Studies show that alcohol rub sanitizers are highly effective in killing most kinds of bacteria and fungi and also in stopping several viruses. To get the best out of hand sanitizers, it is necessary that they contain at least 60% alcohol.

Commercial sanitizers may not be as effective as you might imagine. Hence home-made sanitizers can be a viable and economical alternative.



  • Rubbing alcohol: 2/3 cups
  • Vegetable glycerin or Aloe Vera Gel: 2 table spoons
  • Germ killer oil: 20 drops
  • Distilled water (colloidal silver/ionic silver adds antibacterial power if available)
  • Essential oils of your choice for aromatic purposes (you can choose from lemongrass, orange, lavender, peppermint and others).
How to prepare

Take a small bowl and mix aloe vera gel or glycerin and rubbing alcohol. Add the germ killer oil. Add the cinnamon essential oil, tea tree oil and a drop or two of some other essential oil you might have. Mix the ingredients well and add some distilled water. During this stage, you can add as much distilled water as you might choose to achieve the thinness and consistency you want.

With the help of a small funnel or medicine dropper, transfer the hand sanitizer you have prepared to a bottle or sprayer. For using the product on the move, you can also store the sanitizer in small silicone tubes. You can use this sanitizer the way you will use the other type of sanitizers you buy from the shop.

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