Best alarm clocks in India

Best alarm clocks in India
There’s nostalgia attached to alarm clocks! A simple tool that ensures you get a sound sleep and wakes you up on time with a melodious tune, their utility is undeniable. Even though smartphones became a substitute or perhaps tried to become one for alarm clocks, eventually these compact clocks made their way back into our lives.

With the changing times, alarm clocks have transformed into smart clocks that can do more than just wake you. Analogue or digital, vintage or a sleek minimal design, the one with a melodious tune or a more personalised tone, backlit or not - these are some factors to consider when looking for an alarm clock.

We bring to you alarm clocks that can wake you up in the most conventional or unorthodox ways, take your pick.

maruti villa Vintage Copper Twin Bell Table Alarm Clock with Night LED Light for Student's and Kid's Bedroom

Best alarm clocks in India
This bell alarm clock is modelled on classic appearance of the traditional wind-up mechanical alarm clock. However, this clock is battery operated, so there's no need to wind it up. It features a loud bell alarm and comes with an LED light. Perfect for home and office desk.

CASE PLUS Plastic Digital Alarm Table Clock

Best alarm clocks in India
This alarm clock from Case Plus comes with an automatic sensor that detects the indoor temperature. It features a backlight that makes the display visible at night as well. Easy to operate, this alarm clock is convenient to set time, date, month and alarm. The clock is made of a plastic body and is suitable to be placed on any tabletop.

OREVA Alarm Table Clock

Best alarm clocks in India
This alarm table clock from Oreva has a simple design and ensures clear visibility with stereoscopic digits. The non-ticking operation lets you sleep peacefully. Suitable to be mounted on a tabletop, it is a good option to use. The clock comes with a 5-minute snooze feature.

Bulfyss USB Rechargeable Digital Alarm Clock

Best alarm clocks in India
Equipped with three alarms, this clock from Bulfyss ensures to wake you up on time. To provide the convenience to see the time at night, the clock features a nightlight. If fully charged, the clock is suitable to work for a whole month without the need for recharging. Apart from setting an alarm, this clock displays time, day, date, temperature and month. The clock offers multipurpose functionality, making it a good option to buy.

Sarth Shopobox Table Alarm Clock

Best alarm clocks in India
This multicoloured clock from Sarth Shopobox gives a retro touch to the living space. Easy to set up and read time, the clock is a great choice to consider. The glow in dark feature gives you the comfort of viewing time at night without switching on the lights. Also, the no ticking noise of the hands makes it a perfect option to sleep peacefully. The clock has a moon theme and a double bell alarm sound.

RYLAN Digital LED Mirror Alarm Clock

Best alarm clocks in India
Designed with a mirror look, this alarm clock from Rylan should uplift the look of your room with its design. The LED display makes it display time in style. Starting with low sound and ending toward high volume, this clock allows you to be on time. Also, the two types of charging methods make it convenient to charge. It can be considered a good gifting option. The clock is suitable to be charged with both batteries and a USB cable.

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