Best bike helmets for safety and comfort

Nothing compares to the joy of riding. That feeling of freedom on an open, endless road is absolutely beautiful. It can be dangerous and exhilarating which is why it is important to have the correct helmet to ensure your safety.

It’s nice to take journeys and explore your adventurous side as long as you have all your safety measures in place.

We bring you a list of the helmets that are durable, stable and aesthetic.


Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet This trusted brand has the market’s loyalty for all the right reasons making it Amazon’s Choice as well. With its beautiful leather finish touch and high impact shell, this helmet is attractive to look at as well as resilient. The visor is optical polycarbonate making it shatter-proof, impact-resistant and giving the rider 100% UV protection. It is also easy-fitting and well-ventilated making it a comfortable journey for the rider. Leather finish touch, sturdy and UV resistant, this helmet is a good choice for riders.

Dass Getz (ISI) Open Face Helmet This helmet is Amazon’s Choice for your everyday travel to work. It is light in weight, scratch resistant and has a clear visor. The adjustable straps and two vents make it a comfortable wear for the rider. There is a layer of expanded polystyrene in the inner shell adding to your comfort level. The helmet material is of high-quality polycarbonate, so you can be rest assured that it is sturdy and safe. The impact reducing foam and dual vent system makes this helmet comfortable and resilient.

Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet Known for the comfort it provides, the Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet is another favourite among riders. The regulated density EPS concussion padding is lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen allowing the rider to comfortably ride long distances without worrying about any sweat allergies. Studds Marshall’s smart engineering thermoplastic provides scratch resistance and protection from high impacts. Built to sustain high impacts, this is an ISI approved helmet. It has anti-allergic padding and a scratch resistant visor.


Steelbird SBA-1 Dashing Black with Plain visor Just like its name, the Steelbird is robust and long-lasting. It has a removable and washable interior, something that isn’t common in helmets. The Italian design, and features meeting European quality makes it one of a kind and highly in demand. Finally, another unique selling point of the Steelbird is its advanced ventilation system that allows air intake in the frontal and top area, as well as in the chin guard. If that’s not enough, there are two rear extractors recycling the air inside the helmet. Excellent design and quality standards. It has a scratch resistant visor and an innovative ventilation system.

Autofy O2 Front Open Helmet The best part about the Autofy O2 Front Open Helmet is that it is very lightweight thus allowing the rider to have an enjoyable journey. The front open design is made specifically for riding in the rain, on highways and on winding roads. This feature allows the rider to maintain a good peripheral vision. It has a ratchet wheel strap that helps in preventing displacement of the helmet on poor or bumpy roads. It has a scratch-resistant visor and rear ports to prevent heat build-up thus making it a good helmet for adventurers. Designed for off-road riding, the Autofy O2 is a comfortable choice for riders. It is vibrant, stylish and safe.
Royal Enfield Open Face Helmet When it comes to Royal Enfield, there’s rarely a doubt regarding its quality. This Amazon’s Choice helmet is classy with a vintage look just like its bikes. Don’t be fooled by its appealing looks, the quality and vigour of this helmet will also give you a run for your money. The visor is UV protected and scratch resistant catering to the safety of the rider, and there’s a polyester and EPS comfort liner making it comfortable too. This vintage helmet is scratch resistant, strong and comes with an adjustable lock system chin strap.