Best door mats in India

Best door mats in India
A durable and stylish door mat always makes the home look a little classier. Even bath mats are an important household item since it helps you avert slips and falls after coming out of the bathroom. These mats need to be carefully bought keeping in mind quality, affordability, and durability. We've made a list of some great ones that you can consider buying. Take a look.

Roseate Modern Bath Mat

Best door mats in India
This gorgeous mat will make your bath area look splendid. Apart from looking super neat, it's durable too. You can easily roll it and put it in the washing machine. It's anti-skid and very absorbent with a soft, fluffy top. You won't have to compromise on quality since this mat is affordable, luxurious, and made from excellent fabric. This is a durable mat.


Best door mats in India
A durable door mat outside the house is needed, especially if many people at home are constantly going in and out. The HOPIKO door mat has a rubber base that allows the mat to stay in one place so you don’t have to worry about it moving around every time it's stepped on. It's a thin mat so it can be cleaned easily by just shaking it or dusting it. This door mat has a rubber base.

Onlymat Door May

Best door mats in India
Made from coconut coir, this is a perfect mat if you have a porch or a large entrance to your home. The PVC material on the base keeps it firm on the floor. It's a weather resistant mat that will not wear off soon even when kept outdoors. Lightly rub your footwear on the mat and be sure that it will absorb all the moisture and dirt. This mat is weather resistant.

ATMAH Door Mat

Best door mats in India
Another one made from natural fiber, the surface of this mat is made from coconut coir, and the back is made from PVC. It can be kept outdoors and will not erode with harsh weather. It's got the word 'welcome' written on it along with a print of a tree, giving it a homely touch. A simple and high-quality mat that will keep dust, dirt, and wet footprints from entering your home. The back of this door mat is made up of PVC.

VNQ Bath Mat

Best door mats in India
This mat is long-lasting and comfy and can be used as a door mat as well as a bath mat. It's got a soft surface and thick stitching, making it one that will not disintegrate easily. There's a rubber base ensuring that it's anti-skid. Also, it can be machine washed. This mat has soft surface and thick stitching.

VMPS Door Mat

Best door mats in India
Can be used as a door mat or bath mat, this one is very soft and fluffy. Don’t be fooled by its dainty look, it's very durable and absorbent. It's made of 55% cotton and 45% microfiber, so any dirt and dust can be easily swept off. The microfiber allows it to dry off easily too. You don’t have to compromise on quality with this mat. This door mat dries easily.

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