Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic

Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic
Bluetooth speakers these days are a must have for the frequent travellers. Some of the compact, entry level speakers are quite value for money, and offer impressive sound quality along with a good feature set. Entry level speakers come with features such as bass boosted sounds, microphones, LED lights, long lasting battery lives, and multiple input options. They are ideal for users who listen to music in a small room, and when paired with the microphone functionality, you can even take calls without disconnecting the speakers.

JBL Go, Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic
The JBL Go is one of the most common entry level bluetooth speakers which comes with a microphone. It comes in various colours giving you many options to pick from. The sound quality is really good considering the size, and can get plenty loud as well. The noise cancelling microphone is pretty good at picking up voice even from afar, which lets you use it for conference and hands free calls. It features 5 hours of playback, and connectivity via an audio cable or bluetooth. One of the most common entry level speakers for a good reason- long battery and great sound.

Infinity Fuze Pint by Harman

Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic
If you’re on an extremely tight budget and want a speaker which offers great sound quality, this one is a good pick. At the very affordable price, you get dual equalizer modes, 5 hours of playback and even voice assistant support. This is not to mention the included microphone which is great at picking up voice. With help from the voice assistant, you can control music playback, make calls, and play songs just by saying it out loud. Incidentally, the speaker is highly pocketable too, which is a good fit for frequent travellers. This is one of the best speakers for the price you can pick it up at. There’s a great sound signature not found on speakers at this price.

Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 5W

Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic
Here’s a feature rich compact entry level bluetooth speaker. It offers a long lasting battery life of 24 hours, studio quality sound output and powerful bass. Sound output is handled by the 5W speaker, which can get pretty loud without losing details even in the higher ends. The speaker is waterproof and the perfect addition to your next pool party. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which lets you connect and switch between multiple devices at once. It has a good mic and built-in voice assistant support. Thanks to water and dust resistance, and a long lasting battery life, you can expect this speaker to last long.

Clavier Fusion Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic
Looking for a speaker with some pizzazz? This round speaker is the one to pick up. It packs in a set of LED lights that are sound reactive and add to the overall vibe of the room. The lights also let you know the bluetooth mode- pairing or connected. Thanks to the included microphone, you can pick up calls and have conversations without unpairing your phone from the speaker. It has a dual channel smart chipset which delivers high quality sound and bass. The chipset also allows for better sound decoding, resulting in better sound. With a set of LED lights, this is one of the most eye catching entry level bluetooth speakers.

Sony SRS-XB13 Wireless Extra Bass Portable Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic
This entry level bluetooth speaker comes with audiophile level sound quality. This speaker features Sony’s signature SRS XB sound signature which puts a focus on bass. Not just that, overall sound quality is pretty great too- you can get crisp sound detail in the lows and the highs. The bass is adjustable, meaning rock and roll lovers can set it to a different setting than EDM lovers. Apart from that, it has a high quality microphone, 16 hours of battery life, IP 67 water protection, and dust proof rating too. This is one of the best entry level speakers when it comes to bass and sound quality.

Lumiford GoMusic BT12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Best compact entry-level bluetooth speakers with mic
This is one speaker which you can just pick up with you and get going. It is very pocketable, and thanks to the long lasting 8 hour battery life, you can get a lot of music out of this. It delivers exceptional sound quality via the 45mm high bass driver. There are multiple input options as well- a 3.5mm aux port, USB, Micro SD Card, and even FM that provides access to all kinds of music. You can also use smartphone assistants which make it very easy to control the speaker and audio playback. This highly portable speaker also comes with support for voice assistant.

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