Best glass kitchen containers for storage

Best glass kitchen containers for storage
Storage containers have evolved through time, first came the metal canisters, then the plastic jars and now, glass jars have become all the rage. So pick your favourite if you’re looking to keep up with the trends or just make your kitchen space more stunning.

Cloudsell Glass Jar

Best glass kitchen containers for storage
This 12-piece glass jar set is a must-have for anyone who enjoys small cutesy stuff and/or does not like to display big containers in their kitchen. Made with high-quality glass and an air-tight cap, each jar has a capacity of 400 ml. This multipurpose air-tight jar combo is great for storing spices, tea, sugar, salt, or even pickles. The easy to access wide mouth of these jars ensures quick cleaning as well, making these a perfect addition to your kitchen. Small 12-piece cutesy glass jar set with air-tight metallic lids.

Borosil Classic Glass Jar

Best glass kitchen containers for storage
Made of 100% Borosilicate glass, extreme temperature resistant, and pretty as they come, the classic glass jar from Borosil is a must-have for any kitchen. This air-tight storage container has a capacity of 1200 ml and comes highly recommended for storing spices, grains, pulses, dried pasta, and more. The Borosilicate glass storage jar is also microwave safe and can be used for reheating and freshening up snacks in the heartbeat. The jar is easy to clean, and will give your kitchen a modern and sleek look. The classic Borosil glass jar is minimalistic and modern with a capacity of 1200 ml.

Ventuos-Glass Jars

Best glass kitchen containers for storage
This set of 6 glass jars is made of high-quality food-grade glass and comes with golden, metallic, air-tight rust-free lids. The jars are transparent and have a capacity of 1000 ml, Which makes them ideal for storing products such as jams, pickles, honey, spreads, pasta, grains, and spices among other things. The jars will beautify any kitchen space with their minimalistic and modern aesthetic. The Ventuous glass jars are also safe and easy to wash because of their broad lip. Long cylindrical glass storage jars come in a pack of six with golden metal lids.

Crownsmill Big Pot Glass Jars

Best glass kitchen containers for storage
These large pot-shaped glass jars come with an air-tight black metal lid and have a capacity of 1000 ml. Suitable for multipurpose storage, the jars are practical and look good as an over-the-counter storage option. Suitable for storing all sorts of grains, pulses, spices, pasta, and more, these jars would readily replace your plastic masala jars. A versatile storage option, the Crownsmill glass kitchen containers for storage can be a great gift for a loved one or work wonders in your own kitchen. Large pot-shaped glass jars come in a set of 6 with black air-tight lids.

Star Work Transparent Square Glass Jars

Best glass kitchen containers for storage
The Star Work Transparent Square Glass Jars are perfect to store spices, snacks, dried fruits, green tea, etc. These high-quality jars are 100% airtight and hold moisture away from your kitchen supplies to keep them fresh. Additionally, the jars come with a wide mouth, making them easily accessible and very convenient to clean. With a 400 ml capacity, the star work containers are your perfect countertop adornments that can make your kitchen look cute, as well as well-organized. Set of 6 square-shaped transparent glass jars come with a silicone buckle lid.

Home Centre Mimosa Storage Glass Jars

Best glass kitchen containers for storage
Made with high-quality glass the Home Centre Mimosa storage glass jars come in a pack of six. The transparent airtight containers have a rounded shape and have an average size of 12.8 cms high, 7.5 cms wide and deep. The glass jars are pretty and will definitely add a cutesy charm to your open shelves and cabinets. These are highly recommended for people with a more open-flow kitchen and who want to keep kitchen essentials easily accessible. Set of 6 cutesy storage containers, perfect for countertop storage.

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