Best small inverters for home in India

Best small inverters for home in India
If you are facing frequent power cuts in your area and do not have power backup, it becomes difficult to get work done. While the power situation has improved over the years, power cuts still happen. In some cases, these blackouts extend for hours at a stretch, making life difficult.

An inverter allows you to use some of your electronics and appliances even during power cuts. Some of the things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing an inverter include the rated capacity, power output and supported appliances.

In this post, we look at some of the best small inverters for homes in India.

Luminous Eco Watt Inverter 650

Best small inverters for home in India
The Luminous Eco Watt Inverter 650 supports a single battery and offers square wave output to ensure safety of your appliances. It is compatible with tube lights, CFL, bulbs, LED TV, refrigerator and more. It comes with overload protection, deep discharge protection and short-circuit protection to protect your appliances. It comes with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor and a FSW transformer. It features a compact size and takes up very little space in your home.

Microtek Inverter UPS EB 900

Best small inverters for home in India
The Microtek Inverter UPS EB 900 offers an output power of 672 watts and comes with a rated capacity of 800 VA. It offers an efficiency of over 84 percent and has a charging speed of 10 amps. It weighs 10 kg, allowing you to easily move it when required. It comes with a digital display and voltage range selection switch. It comes with overload and battery low symbols and also alerts you if the fuse is blown.

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200

Best small inverters for home in India
The V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 inverter is a newly launched product that offers Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to manage the inverter wirelessly, allowing you to easily switch modes, control performance and monitor its operation. The inverter can be managed using the V-Guard Smart app. It also supports features like Battery Topping Reminder, Vacation Mode, Emergency Charging Mode and more. This V-Guard inverter is a smart option that offers loads of features like turbo charging, customizable battery output, vacation mode and more.

ZunSolar 1050

Best small inverters for home in India
The ZunSolar 1050 VA inverter is another option worth considering, offering great value in its segment. It can take about 1,000-watt of load and promises to always offer more than 80% efficiency. It comes with an autonomous charging algorithm that is aimed at enhancing battery life. It supports features like smart overload protection, auto reset, and short circuit protection. It is tuned to work efficiently with solar panel systems. This ZunSolar inverter is a noteworthy option that is tuned for low voltage charging and solar panel systems.

Microtek UPS EB 700

Best small inverters for home in India
The Microtek UPS EB 700 is another good option if you are looking for a small inverter. It supports single battery usage and offers square wave output to ensure safety of your devices. It can be used to run four fans, four lights and one television at the same time. It features an LED display and comes with short-circuit protection. It features an overload protector, protecting you and your appliances in case of fluctuations.

Luminous Zelio+ 1100

Best small inverters for home in India
The Luminous Zelio+ 1100 inverter is amongst the most popular ones out there. It comes with an LCD display that shows important information like status of power backup and the battery charging time. This pure sine wave inverter can support 3 CFL bulbs, 3 tube lights, 3 ceiling fans, 1 TV and 1 air cooler. This makes it the perfect option for a mid-sized house with 2-3 rooms. This Luminous inverter comes with important features like overload and deep discharge protection, automatic temperature control, short circuit protection and more.

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