Best feeding bottles for babies in India

Best feeding bottles for babies in India
You can’t take any chances with a feeding bottle. It has to be hygienic, sterilised, and with absolutely no toxic materials. If there is any lack in quality, it might affect the baby’s health. So, here’s a look at some of the best feeding bottles you should consider buying for your child.

Pigeon - Peristaltic KPP Nursing Bottle

Best feeding bottles for babies in India
The Pigeon milk bottle is one of the most popular among parents. The spout is made of silicone, and so it is soft on the baby’s lips. The polypropylene material used in the manufacturing process is what allows the bottle to be lightweight and durable at the same time. It is well-ventilated, so the baby can drink stress-free. Slim neck, no harmful chemicals, medium sized nipple and 240ml capacity.

Philips Avent - Feeding Bottle

Best feeding bottles for babies in India
This set of two feeding bottles is a sweet deal for parents. The anti-colic valve allows the milk to flow easily through the bottle when the baby is drinking and prevents them from sucking in too much air. The shape of the bottle is well-designed, so that even the baby can hold on to it. It follows all the EU quality standards and is trusted by loads of consumers. Value for money, zero toxic chemicals, durable

Mee Mee – Feeding Bottle

Best feeding bottles for babies in India
Since plastic is a concern for many parents now in terms of safety and environmental hazards, many consumers are moving to glass or stainless steel. This Mee Mee glass feeding bottle checks all the boxes when it comes to a good quality feeding bottle. It is made from glass that adheres to international standards and is a good choice for your baby. Travel friendly, doesn’t leak and can be used for warm or cold milk/water.

U-Grow – Feeding Bottle

Best feeding bottles for babies in India
This feeding bottle can hold 125ml liquid, and the pack of two is very pocket friendly. The size is good because by the time the baby finishes the milk, it’s still warm. The nipple size is small, and it’s suited for 3-6 month old babies. Also, there’s a leak proof cap and a wide neck. It’s made from chemical-free material, is sturdy and easy to clean. Lightweight, prevents vacuum build-up, and is heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius.

Naughty Kidz – Glass Feeding Bottle

Best feeding bottles for babies in India
Another feeding bottle you can consider if you prefer glass over plastic. The silicone nipple serves as a teether too. This bottle is microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator safe. You don’t have to be worried about it breaking because it comes with a silicone cover that has a great grip. You can also easily sterilise this bottle. Scratch resistant, easy to clean and zero leakage.

Maxima Aayush - Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottle

Best feeding bottles for babies in India
We’ve covered plastic and glass. If you’re still not happy, here’s a stainless steel feeding bottle that you can pick. It’s got a pretty good rating already and is soon gaining popularity. Elders have always called stainless steel the more hygienic option. This Maxima bottle is medically tested, is 100% toxic-free, and there’s no chance of it ever getting rusty. Also, stainless steel is super easy to clean and never smells. Small neck, spill-proof and lightweight.

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