Folsable plastic almirah (wardrobe) for clothes

Folsable plastic almirah (wardrobe) for clothes
Storing one’s belongings in an organised and space savvy way is a constant struggle, we agree! With compact wardrobes and spaces, solutions that offer extra space are always a welcome change.

To cater to the need of portable storage, foldable wardrobes have gained fan following. These versatile wardrobes offer sufficient space to keep your clothes, accessories, linen, etc. in an organised way and make your space look clutter-free. Plus, these are light-weight too!

While choosing a foldable wardrobe, factors such as space, number of shelves, size and construction material play a role. We’ve put together some versatile options of foldable wardrobes that would be perfect for that extra storage.

FOLDDON Foldable Wardrobe with 8 Racks, Standard Size (Beige and Brown)

Folsable plastic almirah (wardrobe) for clothes
This multipurpose wardrobe is a storage superstar. With 8 spacious shelves, you can neatly store your clothes, shoes, accessories, books, toys or more. Its clean design in beige and brown colour tone makes it look minimal and compact. Light-weight and portable, this product is made from plastic, strong CR tubes and connectors with non-woven washable fabric. Durable and sturdy, this collapsible piece is easy to install and dismantle. Looks perfect in your bedroom, lobby or a store room. Multipurpose 8 Shelves Collapsible Wardrobe

Little One's | 6 Shelves Baby Foldable Wardrobe | Jungle Red (Made in India)

Folsable plastic almirah (wardrobe) for clothes
Multi-level shelves coupled with a playful outer fabric cover, make this foldable wardrobe perfect for your little one’s room. Featuring 6 strong fabric shelves, this piece is made of superior quality fabric and zippers. Available in a bright red with jungle print, its outer structure is made of powder coated sturdy steel. The double opening design and side pockets of this product offer sufficient storage. Light-weight and portable, this collapsible wardrobe has 4 wheels that offer easy movement. It can be folded completely when not in use. Bright Jungle Print with Strong Powder Coated Steel Structure

CbeeSo Foldable Wardrobe (Lavender)

Folsable plastic almirah (wardrobe) for clothes
This beautiful lavender shade foldable wardrobe will pop out in any decor theme. With a sturdy steel coated frame and high quality non-woven GSM fabric, this product offers a weight load capacity of 8-10 kgs. This free standing wardrobe with a modern design offers open shelves as well as a hanging unit. The side pockets add to the storage space. Easy to clean, this dust-proof design is light-weight and portable. Requires easy DIY for assembly. Statement Making Lavender Hued Wardrobe

Little One's | 5 Shelves Baby Foldable Wardrobe | Aquatic Blue (Made in India)

Folsable plastic almirah (wardrobe) for clothes
Ideal for your kid’s room, this 5 shelves foldable wardrobe is available in a playful print and bright aquatic blue colour. Made of superior quality fabric and zippers, its double opening design and side pockets provide extra storage. You can choose to use it as an open rack or opt for the zipper, either way this foldable wardrobe offers lots of space. Its 4 swivel wheels provide 360 degree movement.Compact and light-weight, you can easily move it or fold it completely when not in use. Versatile Storage Rack

Amazon Brand - Solimo 3-Door Foldable Wardrobe, 10 Racks, Beige

Folsable plastic almirah (wardrobe) for clothes
Durable construction meets storage in this 3 door foldable wardrobe. Made of sturdy steel metal pipes, superior quality plastic and premium fabric, this wardrobe is long-lasting. Its non-woven shelves are made from 100 GSM fabric. With a load capacity of 10 kgs and 4 kgs hanger load capacity, this wardrobe also has side pockets for storing small accessories. Easy DIY assembly and disassembly make it a worthy choice. Durable, light-weight, portable and strong, this piece functions like an actual wardrobe. 3 Door Wardrobe with Extra Storage

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