Jeremy Corbyn said he was 'harassed' when a reporter asked him the simple question everyone wants to ask him


Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of Britain's official opposition so the public are likely to know what he thinks about the fact that Britain is more likely than ever to hold a shock snap general election next year. 

However, when Libby Wiener, political correspondent at ITV News, asked the Labour leader on camera - "would you be happy if Theresa May called a general election?" - he said to his aide, "can we go outside? We're being harassed here:"

jeremy corbyn harrassment

ITV News

His aide also tries to block the camera and says he is not doing any interviews and called the the ITV News reporter "unprofessional" for asking him the question:

corbyns aide

ITV News

The reporter responded, "I am a professional, and the country wants to know."


You can see the full series of events in this tweeted video here:

The question is not completely out of this world.


Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to call a snap general election next year after the High Court ruled her government could not pursue Brexit talks without consulting parliament.

Senior Conservative figures told The Times newspaper that May would have to call a general election if MPs used their power to interfere with the government's Brexit aims.

Meanwhile, economists at Deutsche Bank told clients to assume elections in 2017 as "a base case" - indicating it is more likely than not to happen.


The Telegraph on Saturday said senior sources in the government are "openly discussed" the prospect of a snap general election.

People want to know what Corbyn thinks because he is not only the leader of the official opposition, he is also trailing behind in the polls.

My colleague Jim Edwards pointed out on Saturday that Labour only attracts 28% support when voters are asked who they would prefer at a general election:



Business Insider /

So really, the question the ITV News reporter asked was not only important, it is perhaps the most important one for Corbyn right now.

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