Jimmy Kimmel mocks Hillary Clinton's critics by 'mansplaining' public speaking to her


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"Jimmy Kimmel Live"/ABC

Hillary Clinton took a stab at pleasing those who have critiqued her speaking style - and made a point of her own - with some help from Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night.

During the segment, Kimmel offered to give the Democratic presidential candidate some pointers from a man's point of view - in other words, he did some "mansplaining."

"I feel like I'm going to be your secret weapon now," the late-night host declared to Clinton. "I'm going to help you win this election, no problem."


When Kimmel asked Clinton if she knew what "mansplaining" is, she answered, "That's when a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing way."

The host then corrected her: "Actually, it's when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending way, but you were close."

Kimmel asked Clinton to stand behind a podium and give a speech just as she'd do at a rally. He then offered his male-oriented advice, from her outfit, to how loudly she spoke, and even her smile.


"Don't smile like that, because it's too forced. It's like you're faking it," he told Clinton. "Ask yourself, 'Do I want to be president or do I want to be a Lakers girl?'"

"Is that a real choice?" Clinton responded.

Clearly, this was Kimmel and Clinton's tongue-in-cheek way of addressing critics who go after her presentation. The former Secretary of State has been subjected to a lot of scrutiny about her choice of outfits, her speaking style, and even when and how she should smile. Arguably, these are critiques that the male politicians don't typically have to deal with.


See how Clinton handles Kimmel's "mansplaining" below: