Jimmy Kimmel rips Sarah Palin for 'offensive and dangerous' climate change statements


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"Jimmy Kimmel Live"/ABC

Jimmy Kimmel had to set Sarah Palin straight about the validity of global warming by sharing a video of actual scientists saying the issue isn't a hoax.

Palin has been publicly supporting a documentary that says climate change isn't real. The late-night host was clearly bothered by her statements, especially when she said she didn't buy what 97% of scientists have said about the reality of climate change.

"The idea that she knows more than 97% of scientists is offensive. It's dangerous," Kimmel said. "No matter what Sarah Palin and these geniuses she surrounds herself with try to tell you, climate change is not a liberal-versus-conservative thing. But the people who profit from ignoring it want you to believe it is."

Kimmel went on to explain how companies that profit from (and even contribute to) global warming are behind politicians, mostly conservative ones, who oppose the majority of scientists' findings.

"This isn't a matter of political opinion," Kimmel added. "It's a matter of scientific opinion. In this case, overwhelming scientific opinion."


He later joked, "There's no debate about the greenhouse effect, just like there's no debate on gravity. Someone throws a piano off a roof, I don't care what Sarah Palin tells you, get out the way because it's coming down on your head."

To illustrate just how serious the problem is, Kimmel rounded up several scientists who study climate. In addition to reinforcing the science behind climate change, the scientists each said point blank, "We're not f---ing with you."

Watch the video below: