Majority Of Air Travellers Are Tech-savvy, Reveals A Global Survey

Majority Of Air Travellers Are Tech-savvy, Reveals A Global Survey A latest global survey revealed that a major chunk of air travellers across the globe are tech-savvy. In order to make their journey interesting, the passengers are gradually getting hooked to using devices like smartwatches and glasses.

The survey, which sampled 6,277 passengers travelling through the 30 best airports worldwide, was carried out jointly by the Geneva-based aviation communication and IT firm Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques (SITA) and aviation journal Air Transport World. The survey showed that nearly 77% of the passengers surveyed would be comfortable using wearable technology to help them in their air travel.

The annual global survey highlighted the growing importance of tech-savvy passenger. Almost every passenger, or 97% of them, carried a smartphone, tablet or laptop when they flew and one in five travelled with all the three.

The passengers also wanted to be able to use technology at every point of the journey, while 76% of them use airline apps, 43% say this has made a definite improvement to their travel and planning the travel. Over half of those surveyed also sought more investment in technology to help them in better comparability of airline fares (54%), better real-time flight information (52%) and in-flight wireless services (52%).

The survey showed that about 53% wanted personalised alerts about any delays sent directly to their phones and 57% sought airport maps and directions.


"Tech-savvy passengers expect more personalised apps and services consistently delivered on the web, to their phone or tablet. New technologies like smart watches and glasses have now become commonplace and "they present a great opportunity for airlines and airports to engage directly with their passengers to provide efficient services throughout the journey," SITA CEO Francesco Violante said.
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