Man Took Hostages At Paris Bank And Said He Refused To Negotiate Unless Incident Was Broadcast On TV


A man who took several people hostage at a Paris bank reportedly told police that he wouldn't negotiate unless the incident was broadcast on TV, according to a reporter who was live-tweeting from the scene.


Stefan de Vries of news outlet France24 said CIC Bank was surrounded by special forces. The man reportedly released hostages gradually over an hour-long period.

The man was reportedly armed with a gun, according to the Associated Press. He was holding people in the bank hostage as a protest over social housing, which he was reportedly turned down for.

The bank is near Place de l'Italie, a busy shopping district in Paris. Surrounding roads have been blocked off.

SWAT teams negotiated with the man and eventually arrested him, de Vries tweeted. There were no casualties.


Here are some pictures from the scene:

This photo appears to show a hostage being released: