Mick Jagger perfectly sums up why no guy should ever wear flip flops


Mick Jagger

Getty/Simone Joyner

Mick Jagger is a style icon.

Though many are loath to admit it, Mick Jagger is a fashion icon. Everyone from Harry Styles to fashion label Yves Saint Laurent have copied his trend-setting style.


And when he has something to say about style, men need to listen up. Here's a great example regarding flip flops.

"People just don't dress up like they used to," Jagger recently lamented to Rolling Stone. "When people went to the theater, everyone dressed up. I don't really miss that."

"But do you like going to the theater and seeing a bloke with not very nice legs in shorts and flip-flops?" Jagger asked.

And the answer to that question is an unequivocal "no". Unless you're about to catch some rays at the beach, or are heading to shower in the gym locker room, your feet should never touch flip flops.


flip flops


If your feet look like this, don't wear flip flops.

Why? Because they're inferior shoes, and they don't cover up much - including your disgusting feet.

"Men's toes are, in general, unsightly," Donnie Kwak, editor at Complex magazine, told Mashable last year. We couldn't agree more.

Men don't take care of their feet like women do. They don't get pedicures, and they don't wash their feet as often as they should - or sometimes at all.

No one needs to see that.

Keep your feet inside a cool summer shoe, like a pair of white sneakers or a pair of boat shoe-alternative moccasins to avoid grossing anyone out.


Your summer social life will thank you.

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