More Details Emerge About Santa Barbara Shooting After Saturday Night Press Conference


Elliot RodgersPolice announced chilling details about a shooting near the University of California, Santa Barbera that left seven people dead including the suspected shooter, in a Saturday night press conference.


Elliot Rodger, the man named as a suspect by police and his own father, was a 22-year-old student at Santa Barbara Community College who lived on the UCSB campus, according to sheriff Bill Brown. His father is "Hunger Games" second unit director Peter Rodger.

The mass shooting began around 9:30 p.m. on Friday, with the first three victims killed in the suspect's residence, potentially confirming reports earlier today of police removing three bodies from an apartment complex.

The next two were killed outside the Alpha Phi sorority on the UCSB campus, and the remaining victim was killed at a delicatessen, according to Brown. The seventh victim was Rodger, who died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Police recovered three semi-automatic handguns from the suspect's vehicle. "With assistance from the ATF, we have determined that all of these weapons were legally purchased from firearms' dealers, and all of them were licensed to the suspect," Brown said.


Richard Martinez, father to deceased victim Christopher Martinez, delivered an impassioned statement for stricter gun control at this morning's press conference.

During the events of the last night, 13 others were wounded. Four of them were injured by the suspects' vehicle, 8 sustained gun shot wounds, and one had a minor injury of unknown origins, Brown said.

Seven victims still remain at the hospital, according Stephen Kaminski, trauma director for Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Of those, five are in good or fair condition, while two remain in serious condition. For confidentiality purposes, Kaminski couldn't release names or any other details.

Rodgers had three prior run-ins with police, according to Brown. In one bizarre instance, he completed a citizen's arrest on one of his roommates who Rodgers accused of stealing three candles from him.

Rodgers also wrote a lengthy, misogynistic manifesto, which a local news station in Santa Barbera received earlier this afternoon. That arrived after a chilling YouTube video, which the police are investigating in connection with the crime, started making the rounds online.


"It's very apparent of the severe extent of how disturbed Mr. Rodger was, and the fact that he had been and was continuing to be seen by a variety of different healthcare professionals," Brown said.