Norwich City's new uniform is amazing



Norwich City


Every once in a while, there are things simply make you wonder, "Who made that decision?" Case in point, Norwich City released their new alternate kit and it looks like...well, quite frankly, it looks like a cross between a weird geometric design and a Jackson Pollock painting without the streaks of paint.


Well...those are certainly eye-catching kits. To be fair, Norwich City did clarify that the kits are a shoutout to the past, but that "past" is clothing designs from the 1990s, and you'd think that we were leaving those in the 20th Century.

You know, designs like this:


Norwich City 1993

Clive Brunskill/Allsport

Weren't we done with these kind of designs 20 years ago? This uniform, worn by Efan Ekoku, was one of the club's kits in 1993 and Norwich City has said that their newest uniform is an homage to this.

Many of the people who like them appreciate the fact that they serve to recognize history. The people on the other side of the debate laugh at the new design and question if it was in fact inspired by bus seats, as this BBC article asks.

That said, for a team that just suffered relegation, this is a great way to get people talking about your club.


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