Papa John's sold eight pounds of their famous garlic sauce for a limited time - so we had to try it


If you have taken part in eating a Papa John's pizza recently, you probably have also taken part in enjoying their garlic sauce that came in the box. The pizza chain's garlic sauce is an icon. So much so that they sold 8-pound jugs of it for a limited time. We got our hands on one to see what we could do with it. Following is a transcript of the video.


Marisa Palmer: This is eight pounds of Papa John's garlic sauce. When people open that box, they're going to go for that garlic sauce. So, I never knew what was in this sauce.

[contains less than 2% of garlic]

Christian Nguyen: It looks like Drano.

People LOVE Papa John's garlic sauce.


The 8-pound jug of it started as an April Fools' joke on Twitter.

As a result, Papa John's made the gallons of garlic sauce a reality.

A gallon costs $20.

It was available only in certain cities.

We had some garlic sauce fans of our own try it on a few different foods.


Papa John's Pizza

Marisa Palmer: Hey guys! You want some pizza?

Abby Tang and Jen Osaki: Yeah!

Abby: I'm hungry.

Abby and Jen: [concerned noises]


Marisa: It's garlic sauce!

Abby: I think the first drop was good. And the rest of them -

Jen: Went downhill.

Marisa: So this is the practical way of using it. Just a little bit. You don't need to use the whole thing. A little dollop. And then, take a bit of the crust, cause I wouldn't use the pizza part.

Jen: [whispering] I would use the pizza part.


Abby: So the problem with these is that there's never enough. So the jug solves that problem but also presents a new one, which is that there's too much.

Chicken Fingers and Fries

Marisa: Hey guys! You want some sauce?

Celia Skvaril: Sure! That's huge! I've only had this on pizza. I've never had it on chicken and fries.

Christian: No, I haven't either.


Celia: But, I'm willing to try it. I like it on pizza.

Christian: I love this sauce on pizza. It looks like Drano, like something you'd pour down your sink.

Celia: Yeah, I don't like it on the fry. It's so much more buttery like this.

Christian: Yeah.

Celia: I don't like it.


Christian: It's very savory, kind of strong.

Celia: It's straight butter.

Christian: Mm mm. No more.

Marisa: I still have four pounds left of this garlic sauce. I have no clue what I'm going to do with it. What would you guys do with it?