Patriots' Danny Amendola unleashed a dirty hit on a Chiefs player, and there was practically no penalty


amendola hit

Via CBS/Streamable

In the first half of the New England Patriots divisional AFC playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola landed a dirty hit on Chiefs' cornerback Jamell Fleming.

Amendola was receiving the punt, when Fleming made a good play to trap the ball near the Patriots' goal line.

As Fleming went to catch the ball, Amendola speared him, ramming Fleming right under his chin with the crown of his helmet.

Here's the play:


Another angle:

It was clearly a dirty, borderline dangerous hit by Amendola, and yet, there was very little penalty. With the ball already downed at the four-yard line, the unnecessary roughness penalty only moved New England back two yards.

While the Patriots didn't score on the drive and never really got close, it was surprising to see a blatantly rough hit practically go unpunished.


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