Palm Beach town attorney backs Trump’s quest to live at Mar-a-Lago post presidency: report

Palm Beach town attorney backs Trump’s quest to live at Mar-a-Lago post presidency: report
Mar-a-Lago has become a 'sad place' since Trump moved in, author Laurence Leamer claimsGetty Images
  • Trump's case to live at Mar-a-Lago permanently is being supported by a Palm Beach town attorney.
  • The Washington Post reviewed a memo sent by the attorney to the Palm Beach town council.
  • Trump's personal attorney and the town attorney have communicated and are making a similar case.

Former President Donald Trump's chances of living full-time at Mar-a-Lago are looking more promising, according to a new report.

The Washington Post obtained a new memorandum issued by an attorney for the town of Palm Beach, where he recommended that the town council permit Trump to live at the club.

As it stands, an agreement signed by Trump in 1993 with the Palm Beach council changed the property from a residence to a private club. Trump's attorney promised then that Trump would not live there, and the agreement also indicates that club members can stay in guest suites for a maximum of 21 days a year.

According to The Post, Trump has been lobbying town leaders since President Joe Biden's inauguration via his personal attorney John B. Marion.

And Palm Beach town attorney John C. Randolph has now backed Trump's request to the Palm Beach town council, which has not formally taken a stand on whether or not they will enforce a 1993 agreement where Trump verbally agreed to not live there permanently.


Randolph is arguing that in the agreement converting the property to a private club, no wording specifically bans Trump from living there permanently.

According to The Post, Marion and Randolph have communicated with each other over the last month and conferred over a joint narrative, mainly that Palm Beach's zoning codes permit for employees to reside at private clubs.

And Trump, the president of Mar-a-Lago LLC, would be a "bona fide employee," according to the letter from Marion that The Post reviewed.

"Nothing that may have been said by" Trump before the 1993 agreement was signed "is relevant," Marion wrote in the letter to Randolph. The letter adds that Trump uses an "Owner's suite," instead of a "guest suite."

In the memo to the council obtained by the Post, Palm Beach attorney Randolph says, "absent a specific restriction prohibiting former president Trump from residing at the Club, it appears the Zoning Code permits him to reside at the Club."


Mar-a-Lago is now Trump's official residence, according to The Post.

The Palm Beach town council could bring up the question of Trump's permanent stay, a reality haunting many longtime residents, as early as next Tuesday.

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