Protecting What’s Good, inside and out

Technological innovations in the food industry have changed how humans consume. From food, to water and even air, technology is behind every human need possible.

While Reverse Osmosis technology has made sure that water is safe to drink, air purifiers are making the busiest cities in the world a little more breathable than before, Tetra Pak has revolutionized the global food industry as we know it.

Tetra Pak is known for Protecting What’s Good and consumers all over the world depend on the company for safe milk, juices and other foods. While the company is known for its dependable six-layer packaging solutions all over the world, what a lot of consumers may not know is that Tetra Pak stands for much more than just a carton.

Tetra Pak’s journey with India began thirty years ago when it started operations here in 1987.

It was the first Carton Packaging Company in India and was welcomed by many opportunities as well as challenges when it came to making food safe and available everywhere across the country.

In the past thirty years Tetra Pak has collaborated with all the leading Food and Beverage industry majors like Amul, Parle Agro, Dabur, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Karnataka Milk Federation and United Spirits (Diageo) to enter our lives through different packaging formats.

From what’s popularly known as the tetrahedron-shaped ‘samosa’ packs to the 100 ml pouch-shaped packs to the free-flowing Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton launched recently by Paper Boat, and even replacing cans with the soon to be launched Tetra Recart, the company is increasingly understanding the Indian consumer need and working with its partner companies to be future-ready.

In the past thirty years the company has created more than twenty different shapes and sizes with different kinds of openings and closures and other innovations, to cater to different consumer needs. Tetra Pak works closely with the country’s leading brands to understand the needs of the marketplace and end-consumers and then feed these valuable insights back to their global R&D centres to literally determine the future (shape, functionality, environmental profile etc.) of packages.

"India is one of our fastest growing markets and we are very upbeat about the opportunities that it offers. Our investments here underscore that point, and reflect the positive sentiment we hear from our customers, both here in India as well as in other parts of Asia. Since I joined Tetra Pak more than three decades ago, India has been the market to watch. It is set to play an important role in the next phase of growth for our company," said Dennis Jonsson, President and CEO, Tetra Pak Group as he commemorated the company’s thirty year journey in India.

From farm to table

For those of you who have long believed that Tetra Pak is the name of the package itself, you are in for a huge surprise. Tetra Pak, in fact is a complete and only end-to-end solutions provider for the F&B industry in India.

From helping dairy farmers develop and improve local milk production through sister company, De Laval, to helping customer brands process, package and market this milk to consumers, to even helping the consumers responsibly dispose of used Tetra Pak cartons, Tetra Pak has a solution for every step of the value chain.

Take its Marketing Services programme for example, which provides tailor-made support to food and beverage brands in the challenging world of product innovation.

The full programme includes working with the customer to understand their ambition, exploring potential opportunities, defining brand positioning, prototyping product formulations, designing the package, supporting the launch, evaluating consumer feedback and then refining the product until it achieves market success. Phew!

“For years, Tetra Pak has shared market insights and product concepts with customers. Now, with Marketing Services, we are able to support brands in a more collaborative, comprehensive and cohesive way,” explains Libby Costin, Vice President, Marketing for South Asia, East Asia and Oceania for Tetra Pak. “Each one of our customers has their own, very different opportunities and challenges. Marketing Services can be tailored to suit every brand, helping the customer deliver innovative product solutions that meet their own needs, as well as those of the consumer.

From changing how we consume milk and juices the company now provides processing and packaging solutions to a range of foods and beverages like Lassi, Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS), coconut juice, flavoured milk and even liquor to ensure purity and food safety across segments.

Tetra Pak has not only helped create these categories but the company is also co-developing and testing the product that goes inside it. For example, a malt based drink that can replace a meal, an aam panna drink for a leading beverage brand, milkshakes, and even ice-creams and kulfis etc. that have been created for some of the most well-known brands in the country.

Once a customer zeroes in on a concept and is ready to launch, in comes Tetra Pak’s state-of-the art processing and packaging technology that helps the brand not only create the safest possible liquid foods, but also keep it safe all the way to the consumer’s home.

“We ensure food safety and work towards minimizing operational costs to ensure that our customers remain competitive in the market which means improving equipment performance, reducing environmental footprint of machines, localizing manufacturing, and more,” says Kandarp Singh, Managing Director, Tetra Pak South Asia Markets

Does the job end with selling the equipment to its customers? Tetra Pak believes otherwise. Like we said, it is an end-to-end solutions provider which means that its involvement in the customer’s success goes beyond just equipment sales. Tetra Pak Services' offerings, for example, include a wide variety of products and services, such as consumables, upgrades, personnel evaluation and customized training, remote equipment monitoring and remote support, and consulting. The expanded services focus on helping food and beverage plants deliver safe, high-quality products while reducing costs and environmental impact, and are available for plants that use Tetra Pak processing and packaging equipment, as well as other brands which means that they are fully involved in the manufacturing processes that ensure that the packaged food is completely safe.

“If you thought we are just a package, we are much more – we are the only end-to-end solutions provider for the F&B industry today,” said Kandarp Singh, MD, South Asia Markets, tracing the double digit growth of the company over the past years.

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