Republican party chairman takes a parting shot at CNBC after the Fox Business debate


Reince Priebus


Reince Priebus

The chairman of the Republican National Committee took a shot at CNBC in the aftermath of Fox Business' Republican debate Tuesday night.


After the debate, Reince Priebus tweeted: "And that @CNBC is how you run a debate."

Priebus and many Republican presidential candidates complained about how the CNBC debate in October was conducted.

Candidates criticized the questions, calling them "biased" and "irritating." Priebus called the debate a "crap sandwich" during a subsequent Fox News interview, and he told CNN that he was "very disappointed" in CNBC for asking supposed "gotcha" questions.

"CNBC should be ashamed of how this debate was handled," he said in a statement at the time.


Priebus had even stronger words for CNBC in his interview on Fox News, telling the network: "It was a insanity. I mean just sitting there, seething through this thing … thinking about hitting the circuit breaker in the auditorium - it crossed my mind."

Here's Priebus' full statement on the Fox Business debate on Tuesday night:

Debates need to focus on the issues, and that goal was accomplished tonight. Our candidates, not the moderators, were at the center of tonight's debate, and they were all treated with fairness and respect. Thanks to a well-run debate, the country was able to see our diverse field of talented and exceptionally qualified candidates exchange ideas for how to reinvigorate the economy and put Americans back to work.

One of the great things about our party is that we are able to have a dynamic exchange about which solutions will secure a prosperous future. That doesn't apply to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat field, who would rather continue the same old tired policies that have stalled economic growth during the Obama presidency. Americans want the country to change course. Our candidates offer that change, and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats only bring more of the same.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump also praised the Fox Business debate in the spin room after the event ended, calling it a "special evening." He praised the moderators for being professional and avoiding questions about fantasy football.


Colin Campbell contributed to this report.

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