Salesforce went down for a whole day - and it became an internet meme

Mark Benioff eyes shut

Business Insider

Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff

Cloud computing giant Salesforce suffered a major disruption from Tuesday through Wednesday morning.

Its site basically went down for the whole day and the company is still reporting lingering problems.

The outage occurred at Salesforce's North American 14 site and it affected a lot of Salesforce's customers in the Bay Area, the company's backyard, as well as customers across North America. Salesforce reported that once NA14 went down, other data centers bobbled as well.
Salesforce's customers were irritated that their salespeople didn't have access to their major tool for doing their jobs for a full day. They were also annoyed that the company wasn't giving people some clue as to how long the outage would continue.

CEO Marc Benioff took to Twitter to apologize for the outage, sending out lots of twitter replies, inviting people to email him, and cc'ing his cofounder, the man who runs engineering, Parker Harris. Here's one example.

Those who weren't complaining on twitter about it, were cracking jokes ... and the NA14 internet meme was born.


(Click on the tweet below to read the funny chart better.)




On a serious side, an outage this big and this long is not good for Salesforce and its "service level agreements." SLAs require that customers get reimbursed if a cloud goes down for too long.

In other words, Salesforce likely lost quite a bit of money on Tuesday. 

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