San Francisco mummy home will sell for over $1 million


A San Francisco home that was listed for $928,000 just last week is currently under contract for $1.0295 million.

Located in the city's Richmond District, a fairly desirable neighborhood, the home has one very undesirable flaw: In April of this year, the mummified corpse of the home's former owner was found inside,wrapped in a blanket.

The woman, named Anna Ragin, had reportedly died five years earlier, but her 65-year-old daughter hadn't told anyone that her mother's body was still in the home.


According to SocketSite, who first noticed the home had gone into contract, the sale must be confirmed by a court because the Ragin's death had not previously been reported. Until the court confirms it, other interested buyers would have the opportunity to enter their own bids.

The home is apparently in a very sorry state. According to a piece written by Bob Calhoun for SF Weekly, "A fresh coat of paint on the walls and scrubbed floors couldn't quite chase away the smell of toxic mold and urine from the corners of the bedroom and kitchen."

The over-asking sale is just another in a long list of deals that demonstrate how hot the San Francisco housing market is right now.


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