Elon Musk wants to build a private 'SpaceX Village' with 100 rooms, lounge parties, volleyball tournaments, and rock climbing amid a South Texas retiree community

Elon Musk wants to build a private 'SpaceX Village' with 100 rooms, lounge parties, volleyball tournaments, and rock climbing amid a South Texas retiree community

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  • SpaceX has been buying up properties from a community of retiree-age residents in South Texas called Boca Chica Village.
  • Now, according to a new SpaceX job posting, the rocket company founded by Elon Musk plans to build a "SpaceX Village" adjacent to its Starship rocket development and launch site.
  • SpaceX Village may feature 100 bookable rooms, kayaking outings, a rock climbing wall, volleyball tournaments, spaceport lounge parties, and more.
  • However, a handful of preexisting residents have said they do not plan to sell their properties to SpaceX. 
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SpaceX, the rocket company founded by Elon Musk, hopes to construct a new private community at the southern tip of Texas where a dwindling retirement community already exists.

The goal of the new community is to make Boca Chica, Texas, where SpaceX's private spaceport with eyes on Mars is coming together, "an epic place to live and work."

"SpaceX Village," as it's called, may have 100 electronically bookable rooms and regularly planned activities such as volleyball tournaments, rock climbing, kayaking, and "spaceport lounge events and parties." That's according to a new full-time job posting for a "project coordinator" (embedded below) that SpaceX published to its careers site. SpaceX removed the listing during the course of our reporting, but a copy of it has been preserved below. 

The job responsibilities center on creating that "epic" environment, owning "the final layout and operation of the spaceport lounge (restaurant and bar)" as well as planning events and parties there, running the basic construction and maintenance of the village, and developing an automated booking system for the planned 100 rooms.


The listing doesn't specify whether all 100 rooms will be for workers, or whether all of them are designed to be temporary, but Google and Facebook have done similar housing communities for that purpose. Musk tweeted earlier in February that SpaceX is "going max hardcore" on Starship design and production, indicating that employees would be working around the clock to realize the new system.

As Business Insider reported in January, Musk is already living part time in a home that SpaceX purchased in December.

Though the listing does not mention it, Boca Chica is where SpaceX is rapidly developing a steel rocket system called Starship. If realized as Musk has envisioned, Starship may stand 39 stories tall, ferry perhaps a million people to Mars, reduce the cost of access to space by approximately 99%, and disrupt the transcontinental and international airline industry.

SpaceX Village is apparently being planned right on top of Boca Chica Village: a preexisting, though shrinking, community of retiree-age residents. SpaceX has convinced roughly half of homeowners there to sell to the company since a buyout program started on September 12.

However, a cadre of residents do not plan to sell to SpaceX, according to reporting by Business Insider, and a non-profit law firm says it may represent them in court should Cameron County, in which Boca Chica Village exists, attempt to remove them through an eminent domain process.


Carlos Cascos, the former judge of Cameron County, told Business Insider he did not recall any plans for a SpaceX Village or other worker community in an agreement the county signed around 2013.

'You won't want to live here, it'll be inhospitable'

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Maria Pointer, who recently sold the home she shares with her husband, Ray Pointer, to SpaceX, said while she understands why employees would need to live on site - Brownsville, the nearest city, is a 30-minute drive west - she found the job posting "shocking" and "saddening."

Pointer said that, during a private meeting with fellow residents and Musk on September 28, the CEO recommended they sell and move due to safety issues posed by Starship. (The vehicle may harbor roughly 9 million pounds of propellants - nearly 50% more than NASA's Saturn V rocket used to launch moon-landing missions.)

"Elon was three feet from me, and he looked right down at me and he said, 'You won't want to live here, it'll be inhospitable,'" she told Business Insider. "I hope he didn't know about this [SpaceX Village] when he told me that it'd be inhospitable. I hope that was previous to this plan. Because if he knew this plan at the time that he told me that, then it was outright lie."


She added: "Is he going to treat Mars the same way he treats Earth? And I say he, but I mean his corporation."

A person with knowledge of the matter said Musk sent a company-wide email over Thanksgiving weekend in November calling for employees to relocate to the Brownsville, Texas, area and try to build an exciting community there.

SpaceX and Cameron County did not immediately respond to Business Insider's requests for comment.

Read SpaceX's full job posting below:

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