Bellator MMA star Yoel Romero fired us up so bad he made us want to fight, even though we're not fighters

Bellator MMA star Yoel Romero fired us up so bad he made us want to fight, even though we're not fighters
Yoel Romero. Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
  • Yoel Romero returns to the cage Saturday at Bellator 266.
  • He fights Phil Davis, and before his light heavyweight contest, spoke to Insider.
  • The way he talked - about life, God, and fighting - made us want to fight even though we're not fighters.

MMA fighter Yoel Romero fired us up so bad he made us want to fight, even though we're not fighters.

The former silver medal-winning Olympian, an ex-UFC star, makes his Bellator MMA debut Saturday as he fights Phil Davis at the Bellator 266 show at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

Days before his fight, he spoke to Insider in Spanish, via a translator, about how excited he feels to finally get back in the cage and do what he does best.

At 44 years old, Romero is known for being an ageless wonder, and said the secret to his success is simple.

"I've been given a gift from God," he said. "So God gives everyone a talent and you have to dedicate yourself to that talent, and to develop that talent. I train smart, live a life that's healthy, with healthy eating.


"I give the very best in everything I do," Romero added. "To credit what the fans pay to see, to be truly conscious of why I show up to perform that night, and to know I've taken time away from my family to train for this event.

"It is a great blessing to be able to do what I enjoy, therefore I tell myself: 'If God gave you the possibility to do what you want, do it all. You never know if tomorrow you'll have the opportunity to do it again.'"

On his opponent Davis, Romero refused to trash his opponent, and called him "a magnificent athlete, and a magnificent fighter - his history in MMA shows that, and he's stayed at the top of the division for a very long time."

Romero is looking to rebound following a three-fight losing skid. But the way he talks, it's like he wouldn't change the losses for anything because they allowed him an opportunity to grow.

Romero speaks from his hotel room, and gestures wildly as he talks while wearing a million-dollar smile on his face. He's so passionate it's hard not to gesture right alongside him.


"Everything in life, we have to take as a lesson," Romero told us. "Until we leave this world, life is a complete blessing. Therefore, the losses I do not see as losses - just lessons to get to another level.

"When there's an injury and it stops you from doing something, get out of what you're doing. And if I'm here, it's because nothing stops me."

Should Romero defeat Davis, all he wants to do is "keep growing," he said. "The best thing to focus on is to do what you want to do, but to do it well, and healthily.

"Remembering your duties, respecting and calling your loved ones, and over everything to be well with God.

"That will take you to a spot in your job or duty to get to another level."


The Bellator 266 card will be broadcast on Showtime.