The 'Inside the NBA' crew tried a viral Tik Tok challenge, and Charles Barkley whipped Shaq with an egg

shaq chuck egg


After the egg hit the NBA legend square in the head and splattered all over him, Shaq started throwing objects over the desk at Kenny Smith.

The "Inside the NBA" crew on TNT is known for its lighthearted banter and goofy shenanigans, but Tuesday night's hijinks may be the funniest of all.

The TV analysts were attempting to complete a viral Tik Tok challenge that involves throwing random objects into the air and waiting for them to hit someone in the head when Charles Barkley deviated slightly from the game plan.Advertisement

Shaq bent over for one more try as Ernie Johnson lofted an egg into the air. After the egg missed Shaq entirely and splattered on the ground, Barkley lobbed another egg at the 7-foot-1 NBA legend that broke right on his head.

In these shots, you can see Chuck throw the egg and the entire studio laughing at his antics.

Shaq responded by inexplicably launching various inanimate objects over the desk at Kenny Smith.