UFC knockout artist Julian Marquez finally said he plans to shave Miley Cyrus' initials into his chest hair

UFC knockout artist Julian Marquez finally said he plans to shave Miley Cyrus' initials into his chest hair
Julian Marquez and Miley Cyrus.Photos by Getty Images
  • Julian Marquez said he does indeed plan to shave Miley Cyrus' initials into his chest hair.
  • The UFC fighter almost broke the internet when he asked Cyrus to be his Valentine.
  • If he got his wish, he said he'd take her for a picnic.

UFC knockout artist Julian Marquez finally said he does indeed plan on shaving Miley Cyrus' initials into his chest hair.

The MMA fighter returned to the Octagon at the weekend for the first time in 31 months, won in style, but rather than use his platform to issue a challenge to a UFC rival, he looked into the camera and asked Cyrus to be his Valentine.

The 30-year-old then told reporters that walking to the Octagon to compete while listening to Cyrus sing helps him win the fight. "She's just my love," he said.


"I love that woman."

Cyrus responded to his date request on Twitter. She said she'd go out with him, providing he shaved her initials MC into his chest hair.

However, Marquez issued a counter-demand, said she should get a Henna tattoo of his nickname Cuban Missile Crisis on her stomach, and many in the MMA world thought he had blown his shot.


Cyrus even posted a photo on her Instagram account saying: "This could be yours but you dumb."

Though the potential romance looked like it was over before it had even started, Marquez said there's far more to this story.

"There's a lot more going on than you think, than you guys know," Marquez told MMA Fighting.


"A gentleman doesn't speak. A gentleman doesn't tell their secrets. I'm a gentleman. But I didn't blow my shot," he said.

Marquez said his counter-demand was a nod to Tupac Shakur and his "Thug Life" tattoo on his stomach. He said he knows the late rapper is an idol of Cyrus'.

"The thing is, is that when I sat there, I know Miley loves Tupac. Miley loves artists. I did that as a joke, I thought it was funny, it was great, and it went back," he said.


"I'm going to give you my real personality and she loved it. She loves me, you know what I mean?

"The MC is gonna get shaved into my chest," he confirmed.

Within hours, Marquez then confirmed he was partnering with the American media outlet Barstool Sports to help raise money for The Barstool Fund - a small business COVID-relief fund.


Once a small target of money is met, he'll shave the MC into his chest hair, as per Cyrus' request.

Hopefully that will appease the American singer's fanbase.

"Miley fans are hardcore," Marquez told MMA Fighting earlier in the week. "You can see they're pissed off at me for not doing what she said, but it's okay."


Should Cyrus agree to date Marquez, he would plan a low-key but wholesome day out.

"We'll probably get ice cream and go to a picnic," he told TMZ Sports.

"Walk around the park, go walk around the ocean. Just because it's Miley Cyrus, she's human. Why would I go out there and go all crazy trying to spend an expensive amount of things and do all this stuff?


"I'm not trying to impress her, I'm trying to get to know her."