Students of this school feel like they are travelling while studying and here’s why

  • A government school in Mysuru underwent a makeover to look like a ‘train coach’ in order to attract students.
  • The village where the school is located does not even have proper bus connectivity and some students have never seen a train.
  • This strategy has also been employed by some the government schools in the villages of Bangalore and Rajasthan.

A small government school in Haropura village near Mysuru underwent a makeover to look like a ‘train coach’ in order to attract students. The school had just three classrooms and while most students were being rather irregular in attending classes, many others had started dropping out. With a lack of admissions, the school was facing threats of closure.

And that was when the teachers decided to take matters into their own hands. While browsing online, they came up with a great idea and shared it with the principal. Headmaster Basavanaik and the teachers, Doreswamy, Tarannum and Netravathi, spent ₹25,000 from their own pockets to get two artists from Mysuru to paint the school.

After the sprucing up, the school now looks like a train passing through the village. This tiny village does not even have proper bus connectivity, as the headmaster pointed out, and some of the students had never even seen a train before. Needless to say, the new look made the school the centre of attention. The students now feel like they are studying in a train and therefore, there is full attendance.

This successful makeover has drawn attention from the Education Department and local authorities who have developed a new interest in the school. The Gram Panchayat has also offered to build a compound wall and the foundation stone was laid down on Wednesday.

The school currently has 55 students studying in classes 1 to 7 and the authorities are hoping to attract more children to the school from the nearby villages too.

However this isn’t the first school to turn into a ‘train coach’ to attract students. A government school in Rajasthan did the same. It even painted DISE codes on every ‘coach’ of the ‘train’. The principal’s office was turned into an engine and the playground into a platform. The same was done by another government school in Bengaluru, earlier in January, this year.

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