Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support

Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support
If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in movies, games, music or other types of multimedia content, adding a soundbar to your setup is a good idea. The latest soundbar technology happens to be connected via HDMI eARC, which makes for stable connections and high bandwidth data transfer. In turn, this results in high-quality audio, making for dynamic viewing experiences, not just for music, but for movies, games and other multimedia. If you’re looking to upgrade your home theatre setup with a brand new soundbar, it is vital to opt for one with HDMI eARC compatibility.

Here are some of the best soundbars with HDMI eARC support.

How we do our research

Our ranking criteria

We consider each soundbar’s features, connectivity options and the number of channels such as 2.1 (two speakers and one subwoofer). Other than that we analyse sound and subwoofer output, and the technology used. Additionally, we also look for brand, price and warranty.

Things to look for when buying a soundbar

Here are some simple things to keep in mind while buying a soundbar.


The location where you want to place the soundbar is very important as it can be placed around the TV and can be mounted on a wall. Make sure you always choose a location which is not cramped and some free space is available to resonate the sound properly.

Connectivity features

Connectivity is another important aspect as you want that all your gadgets are connected seamlessly with the soundbar. Look for different connectivity options such as a 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, HDMI, aux NFC, USB port and HDMI ARC.

Make sure it has an AV receiver so that you can connect the soundbar to your TV.

Size of soundbar

Sometimes the size of the soundbar can mess up your room's aesthetics. So consider a soundbar which is not bigger than a TV. Look for a soundbar with a sleek and slim design that enhances your room's look.

Active and Passive soundbar

The passive soundbar does not have an inbuilt amplifier, you need to buy a receiver or amplifier with a soundbar. On the other hand, active soundbars have an inbuilt amplifier which enhances the sound quality, giving you more clear and more crisp sound output.

Features comparison

SoundbarConnectivitySound outputProduct link
Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WLBluetooth, Optical Input, USB & AUX Connectivity160WBuy On
Blaupunkt SBA01HDMI-Arc, Optical, Aux-in, USB & Bluetooth100WBuy On
LG SL4 300W Bluetooth, Aux-in300WBuy On
Sony HT-S20RBluetooth & USB400WBuy On
Sonos Arc HDMI and BluetoothNABuy On
Samsung T670/XLBluetooth460WBuy On

Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL, 160W Soundbar

Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support
A premium soundbar, built to offer users a pristine audio experience, this one comes with a 160W power output. This allows the soundbar to clearly reproduce all audio content even at really high volumes. This is great for getting a theatre-like audio sensory experience, and when the sound is customised, you can fine tune each aspect to get the audio signature you’re looking for. Paired with a large TV, you’re in for an immersive experience for games, movies, music and shows. The soundbar can connect via HDMI eARC, which is an advanced technology, making for dynamic sound.

  • Affordable
  • Wireless
  • No Dolby Atmos

Blaupunkt SBA01 100W Soundbar

Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support
A known name in the world of audio peripherals, Blaupunkt brings punchy audio and brings the theatre-like audio right at your room. It has a 100W power output, ideal for medium sized, and slightly larger rooms. The soundbar quality can be fine tuned in the settings menu, and you can customize the sound as per your preference. It sports inbuilt, dual subwoofers, along with 3-inch drivers to deliver deep sound and immersive experiences. THere’s a remote, as well as buttons one the side which let you control key sound aspects of the bar.

  • Great Audio
  • Remote Functionality
  • Bulky design

LG SL4 300W 2.1 Ch Sound Bar

Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support
A soundbar with an external subwoofer, this offering from LG comes with a focus on delivering top notch sound quality. The subwoofer helps produce extremely dynamic sound, which is ideal for movies, music videos and games, all of which benefit from a deep sound source. The 2.1 channel setup has a 300W power output, meaning it is extremely loud, while retaining details. Since the subwoofer is wireless, you can place it out in the open without ugly wires ruining your room. The soundbar also sports high end features such as adaptive sound control, bluetooth streaming, and TV audio sync.

  • Wireless Compatibility
  • No External Speakers

Sony HT-S20R Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar

Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support
Another 5.1 channel surround sound soundbar setup, this one offers incredible sound quality. It is the ideal addition to your home entertainment room. It can be used with high end TVs and thanks to HDMI eARC connections, you can expect reliable, dynamic and richly detailed audio no matter what you’re viewing. The soundbar is ideal for gaming, especially considering the dual external speakers, which make for a surround sound experience. The external subwoofer helps the bar reproduce loud and cinematic sound.

  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Surround Sound
  • Limited Audio Control

Sonos Arc

Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support
One of the best soundbars on the market, the Sonos Arc is designed for those who want nothing but the best. The Arc not only has many audio output modes, but also a sound tuner, which lets you fine tune the sound to get the tone and signature you’re looking for. It comes with an inbuilt subwoofer, which gets the job done. The bar makes for extremely immersive viewing and audio experiences, no matter the content on screen. It can connect to your 4K TV with the help of HDMI eARC, which allows for better audio quality than bluetooth or line out connections.
  • Sleek
  • Dynamic Sound
  • Extremely Expensive

Samsung T670/XL 460W 5.1 Channel Wireless Surround Sound Soundbar

Best soundbars with HDMI and eARC support
If you’re looking to bring a theatre-like experience to your home, this 5.1 surround sound soundbar is a good pick. It has a fully wireless subwoofer as well as dual speakers to be placed around the room. The speakers make for dynamic and directional sound, especially noticeable in games, and action sequences in movies. The dual wireless speakers are a neat addition to the already rich sounding soundbar itself, and help fully immerse you in content. The soundbar and speaker setup can connect via HDMI eARC as well.

  • 2.1 inch Speakers included
  • Directional Audio

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