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Hulk on this five year old phone stopped a bullet and saved its owner’s life

Oct 12, 2021, 10:59 IST
Business Insider India
(Representative image) A Moto G5 phone reportedly saved a man's life by taking a bullet.Unsplash
This five-year-old smartphone from Motorola reportedly saved a man’s life by stopping a bullet that was fired during an armed robbery. The smartphone in question is the Moto G5 and to make things even more dramatic, its phone case was of The Incredible Hulk. So the Marvel hero and the Moto G5 together managed to stop a bullet and save the owner’s life.

The incident took place last week in Brazil during a robbery attempt, according to a report by Daily Mail. The bullet that was first stopped by the Moto G5 smartphone after which it grazed the owner’s hip, the report added. This ended up leaving the man with a small bruise on his hip but with no other injury caused by the bullet.

The Moto G5 phone with the Hulk case. Phone Arena

The Moto G5 took all the damage of the bullet leaving it completely broken, according to images shared by the doctor who treated the phone’s owner. We can see the bullet hit the phone’s screen which is now shattered and also a big dent at the back from the force of it. The Hulk case on the phone is also seen which leaves a rather symbolic impression of the entire incident. The Moto G5 isn’t known to be a rugged smartphone but it does have a bulky body if we compare it to the slim and delicate design of smartphones these days.

There have been incidents in the past of smartphones taking a bullet for their owners. According to PhoneArena, a Samsung Galaxy Mega and an iPhone managed to stop bullets from hitting their owners.


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