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Jeff Bezos delivered his grandmother's chicken-and-rice dinner to press covering his Blue Origin space flight

Jul 20, 2021, 17:23 IST
Business Insider
Jeff Bezos is due to fly to the edge of space on his Blue Origin rocket, New Shepard, on Tuesday 20 July. Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images
  • Jeff Bezos delivered a chicken-and-rice dinner to reporters covering his Blue Origin spaceflight.
  • Bezos, alongside his brother Mark, said the arroz con pollo was his grandmother's recipe.
  • Bezos is due to fly to the edge of space - about 62 miles above Earth - on Tuesday.

Jeff Bezos delivered a chicken-and-rice dinner to journalists at the Blue Origin broadcast news site on Monday - a day before his scheduled flight to the edge of space.

Bezos and his brother Mark walked into a press warehouse near the Texas launch site to hand reporters a large tray of arroz con pollo, and said it was his "grandmother's recipe." Michael Sheetz, CNBC's space reporter, posted a video of the delivery on Twitter.

"Now if you don't like this," Bezos told reporters about the dinner, "just keep it to yourself."


Sheetz said that the chicken was "excellent, flavorful" and fell "off the bone" in another tweet.

The Bezos brothers also left a sheet with the dinner's recipe, which Sheetz shared in a tweet.

Jeff Bezos is scheduled to travel to the edge of space on Tuesday morning in a rocket, called the New Shepard, owned by his spaceflight company Blue Origin.


The rocket is scheduled to reach 62 miles above Earth, around the Kármán line, an imaginary boundary above which the atmosphere is too thin to provide enough lift for normal aircraft to fly, according to the National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service.

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"Having crossed over the Kármán Line into space, you will have earned your astronaut wings," Blue Origin's website says.


The Amazon founder, who stepped down as CEO after 27 years on July 5, will fly alongside his brother as well as an 82-year-old aviator named Wally Funk and an 18-year-old high school graduate called Oliver Daeman.

After one reporter asked Bezos if the meal was his last, he responded: "I don't think we have to put it that way! Let's talk about it in a different way."

Bezos is risking his life to prove that Blue Origin can safely fly humans to the edge of space.


Billionaires have long hoped to pioneer a new era of commercial space travel. Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson became the first billionaire to reach the edge of space when he flew on board his rocket, the VSS Unity, on July 11.

Branson did not breach the Kármán Line, although NASA has awarded astronaut wings to pilots who've flown above 50 miles.

Bezos' flight to space is scheduled for 9 a.m. ET and will be streamed live on Insider's website.

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