The 15 best CEOs in tech

IBM Ginni Rometty


IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

ExecRank has just released its ranking of the 250 best CEOs of large cap companies and the top of the list is dominated by tech.

ExecRank is a board member job placement firm, meaning it helps companies find board members and advisors.

But it's also known for its lists like this. It looked at 24 attributes to come up with its list of the best CEOs including things like:
  • Experience in the executive role
  • Business results during tenure
  • Position as Founder or Chairman of company
  • Board member appointments
  • Company earnings per share growth this year
  • Industry/professional reputation.
We've skimmed the full list of 250 CEOs to find the the top 10 tech CEOs.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, Tim Cook came out on top.

But some of the others in the list might be controversial such as the embattled Ginni Rometty, who's trying to transform a shrinking IBM: Chuck Robbins, who's only been in his role for a few months, and Mark Hurd, who shares the role with finance queen Safra Catz (who isn't even mentioned on this list).

In fact there are scant few women on the list at all, a reflection of how women currently hold a mere 22 CEO positions (4.4%) positions at S&P 500 companies, reports Catalyst.

All that said, here are the 14 best CEOs in tech, all of whom made the top 100 overall, according to ExecRank:1. Tim Cook, Apple (Overall rank: No. 1)

2. Larry Page, Alphabet (formerly known as Google; Overall rank: No. 2)

3. Satya Nadella, Microsoft (Overall rank: No. 3)

4. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook (Overall rank No. 8)

5. Randall Stephenson, AT&T (Overall rank No. 14)

6. Lowell McAdam, Verizon (Overall rank No. 16)

7. Brian Krzanich, Intel (Overall rank No. 17)
8. Ginni Rometty, IBM (Overall rank No. 19)

9. Chuck Robbins, Cisco (Overall rank No. 24)

10. Mark Hurd, Oracle (Overall rank No. 31)

11. Steven Mollenkopf, Qualcomm (Overall rank No. 39)

12. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo (Overall rank No. 64)13. Marc Benioff, Salesforce (Overall rank N0. 70)

14. Reed Hastings, Netflix (Overall rank No. 91)

15. Charlie Ergen, Dish (Overall rank No. 95)

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