The 25 Best Colleges To Attend If You Want To Be An Accountant


Villanova University

Mitchell Leff/Getty

Villanova University students.

If you've always been good at math and like working with numbers, you might have a future in accounting.


But your raw talent alone won't necessarily land you a job. It's important that you also get a good education from the right college.

To help figure out the best schools for aspiring accountants, LinkedIn recently identified the most desirable companies for accounting professionals - those that both attract and retain employees - and then found which colleges and universities had the largest percentage of recent grads working as accountants at these firms.

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Here are the top 25 colleges for anyone hoping to land a job in accounting:

1. Villanova University


2. University of Notre Dame

3. Boston College

4. Lehigh University

5. Emory University

6. University of Southern California


7. Fairfield University

8. Santa Clara University

9. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

10. Wake Forest University

11. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


12. Syracuse University

13. Bentley University

14. Bucknell University

15. Fordham University

16. Yeshiva University


17. University of California, Berkeley

18. Binghamton University

19. University of Richmond

20. Loyola University Maryland

21. College of the Holy Cross


22. University of Maryland College Park

23. University of Wisconsin-Madison

24. The College of William and Mary

25. University of Massachusetts, Amherst